About Us

We all love good food, but 'great' food is meant to be shared. What can be better than making this food in the comfort of your kitchen without the hassle of assembling the ingredients and worrying about whether the food you've ordered is from a safe place or not. 

This venture is the creation of two people who love making, eating and sharing great food. With the recent situation of harrowing uncertainty and fear of contamination via stepping out of home...HomeDine Meal kits bring the joy of cooking great food at home without having to worry about assembling and buying ingredients you may not need beyond that 'one and a half teaspoon'. The Meal kits help keep your pantry clutter free!

No need to worry about stepping out to buy those ingredients or veggies you need for that dish. Our Meal kits provide all the ingredients you need for cooking that bookmarked dish. All you need from your pantry is the salt and oil. 

The Meal kits provide not only the main dish but also starters or sides according to the cuisine. They have been crafted keeping in mind that whatever you serve is restaurant style and gourmet quality. Just keep ready your pots and pans, follow the instructions and serve up!

Each Meal Kit has been researched, tested and sampled before being served to you. We sincerely hope that you enjoy cooking as much as we have enjoyed sharing. Thank you for choosing and visiting home

Happy Cooking!


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