No more take-away pizza! Make your very own pizza which is made of a mix of whole wheat flour and maida. Add toppings that are fresh and sauce that is not from a jar. Who knew pizzas could be healthy!

With this  Cheese Pizza kit, you will be able to prepare  and serve two cheesy pizzas. There are optional sides for you to choose from to form your complete meal - butter garlic knots and Italian salad. Happy Cooking! 

The ingredients portioned and pre prepped will include:

whole wheat pizza dough


pizza sauce

olive oil


Optional sides:

Veggies/kababs for the topping

Garlic knots

Salad veggies

salad dressing



The box will include detailed instructions on how to prepare the dishes alongwith times and duration of cooking.


1. Flat baking tray to bake the pizza

2. OTG (oven toaster griller)

OR Microwave with the convection setting


NOTE: 1. This product cannot be made in a microwave without the convection setting. 

2. Due to whole wheat flour being used in the dough, the consistency of this dough and rise of the pizza is slightly different from an all -maida pizza. 

Whole wheat cheese pizza kit (Makes 2 regular size pizzas)

  • Starter Pack of Italian Multigrain Pizza kit to make 2 pizzas contans

    1. Pizza dough 

    2. Pizza sauce

    3. Pizza cheese

    4. Seasoning


    Add one additional pizza for Rs.170

    Add two additional pizza for Rs. 320

    Add three additional pizza for Rs. 450