Visit Mexico with spicy, tangy and flavourful Fajitas. Soft tortillas with spicy grilled paneer, veggies, charred peppers and onions can be topped with variety of toppings like sour cream, cheese, pickled jalapenos and onions and tangy salsa. 

Grill the paneer and veggies, char the peppers and onions in our crafted fajita marinade. Season your salsa. Lay out the table. Dollop on as much and as many toppings on the tortilla to complete your fajita. 

Fresh ingredients, dependably sourced. You have complete control over the flavour of your food. See, feel and cook what you are being served! 

Spicy Veggie Fajita Meal

  • Four 6" tortillas

    Marinated veggies 

    Colored peppers and onions


    Sour cream

    Pickled onions

    Pickled jalapenos

    Grated cheese