With this Veg Thai meal kit, you will be able to prepare  and serve a Thai cuisine meal which includes a main dish with sides. Happy Cooking! 

You Meal kit when ready will make 


1. Vegetarian satay on skewers with peanut dip

2. Thai red curry with Tofu and veggies 

3. Thai roti and flat rice noodles


The ingredients portioned and pre prepped will include:

Marinated mixed veg satay sticks - 3 pcs 

Peanut dip

Red curry paste

coconut milk



Thai mix ins

Flat rice noodles

Thai roti


The box will include detailed instructions on how to prepare the dishes alongwith times and duration of cooking.

Equipment: You need your basic pots, frying pan or a grilling pan, tawa and gravy pot. 

Veg thai red curry with satay

SKU: 10
  • Thai curry - Approx two bowls of curry with veggies

    Mixed veg satay - 4 skewers

    Thai rotis - 3 

  • Thai curry - Approx 4 bowls of curry with vegetables

    Mixed veg satay - 7

    Thai roti - 6