Burmese Khao soi is a dish with energy and life, which comes together with its unique Asian flavour and multiple garnishes. Don't let this Burmese delicacy daunt you anymore. We've made it as easy as assemble and go!

With this Veg Burmese meal kit, you will be able to prepare  and serve a Burmese cuisine meal which includes a main dish with sides. Happy Cooking! 

Your Meal kit when ready will make 


1. Veg spring rolls with dip

2. Khao soi 


The box will include detailed instructions on how to prepare the dishes alongwith times and duration of cooking.

Equipment: Gravy/curry pot (preferably non stick), big pot for noodles, kadhai with oil


The ingredients portioned and pre prepped will include:

Spring rolls


curry paste

coconut milk


curry mix ins



Veg khao suey and veg spring roll