If you or  your kids are craving burgers 🍔 
And you hate ordering those generic industrial burgers....
Then, ask them to make their own burgers using our easy HomeDine kit


The Kit includes all the items you need to make your own delicious and healthy burger. No need to run out for each ingredient for making a burger anymore! You just need to shallow fry or pan sear the burger patties provided in the kit. Once prepared, just assemble and enjoy your own homemade gourmet burger with your family.

Vegetarian burger meal kit

  • 3 Soyabean burger patty 
    3 Burger buns
    Caramelized Onions
    Lettuce, Tomatoes and cucumber
    Mayo, Mustard, Chilli sauce
    Potato Fries. 

  • The Patty needs to be either shallow fried, deep fried or pan seared for 3-4 mins each side. The french fries need to be deep fried